Ford Ranger Facelift 76mm Trux City Guard Spoiler Bar

Ford Ranger front stainless steel spoiler bar

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Product Description

Ford Ranger Stainless Steel Spoiler Bar

Spolier bars are a stylish & simple way to add frontal protection to the Ford Ranger.
Spoiler bars help in preventing damage to the expensive front bumper from road debris & other road users.

The bars are made from a high quality 76mm stainless steel tubing and polished to a mirror like shine.
Installation is simple and requires no drilling to the vehicle

Why do we use stainless steel?

We could use a cheap mild steel and then chrome plate it when manufacturing our bars but we don’t.

Why not ?

Because after a year or so the bar would become rust red and an eye sore on the front, side or rear of your vehicle when it starts weeping red rust stains.

Stainless Steel

In the iron/carbon mix to make stainless steel, chromium is also added that gives the steel its stainless qualities. The chromium element stops the iron from oxidising and becoming rust (ironoxide).

Road salt used during winter and sea salt speed up rust formation and again gives us another good reason to use stainless steel here in the UK & in Europe where our products are sold.

Stainless steel can be exposed to the elements all year round and with a little polish now and again can look as good as the day it came out of the packaging.

This is the reason boat makers use stainless, and not mild steel.

Remember our stainless has a 3-year warranty, features a mirror polished chrome or black coated look, but is in-fact more expensive, more durable, stainless steel.