Ford Ranger Wildtrak Soft Roll-up Load Bed Cover

Soft tonneau cover for Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger Wildtrak Soft roll-up tonneau cover Soft tonneau cover for Ford Ranger Wildtrak roll up tonneau cover

RRP: £291.51

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Code: FD049#

Product Description

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover For Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The signature Wildtrak OE sports roll bar is a feature that many Wildtrak owners want to retain.
Here is a great value soft rolling cover that is specifically designed to fit in conjunction with the sports roll bar.
Durable leatherette vinyl soft rolling cover features internal rain bars keeping your cargo way from the weather and prying eyes.
Clips taught & close behind tailgate for added security.

Fitting Note This cover will not work with an over rail style tailgate liner or with load bed caps.