Ford Ranger Mk5 Extra Cab Load Bed Cover - Mountain Top Continous Rail

Ford Ranger Mountain top tonneau cover
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RRP: £1,085.92

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Product Description

New Ford Ranger Super Cab Mountain Top Chequer plate load bed cover – Continuous rail version.

Keep your loads secure with the new Ford Ranger Mountain Top alloy Tonneau cover.
Made using a heavy duty aluminium 5-bar tread plate, the Ford Ranger Mountain Top tonneau cover is capable of carrying loads of up to 100 kilos and has a continuous wrap-a-round load rail that loads can be secured to.

The stylish chequer alloy plate top can also make an excellent work surface, it is also totally secure, weather-proof and will aid aerodynamics by eliminating tailgate drag.

The Mountain Top pick-up lid can be removed quickly if required, simply unlock, open, dis-connect the twin gas rams, open up to 90 degrees (vertical) and lift away from the hinge. It couldn’t be easier!
In under two minutes you have an open truck bed again.

Using a Mountain top tonneau cover improves fuel consumption removing drag caused by an open truck bed, test’s showed an average saving of 1.5MPG improvement.

European made, 3 year warranty.
100% weatherproof, durable and very secure, it’s no surprise Mountain Top are chosen by most pick-up makers as their lid of choice.

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