White Pro//Top Low Roof Tradesman Hard Top With Glass Rear Door For Ford Ranger Double Cab 2012 On

Ford Ranger Pro//Top tradesman canopy double cab
Ford Ranger Pro//Top tradesman canopy double cab Blank sided tradesman canopy for Ranger Ford Ranger double cab fitted with commercial canopy Pro//Top tradesman canopy Pro//Top blank sided tradesman canopy Roof structure on the Ford Ranger commercial canopy Glass rear door and roof structure Pro//Top logo

RRP: £1,179.92

Supplied from your local ford dealer (excludes VAT)


Code: FD144#

Product Description

Ford Ranger T6 2012 onwards – Pro//Top® Tradesman Canopy - Frozen White

Pro//Top - Quality utility commercial canopy

  • Low roof variant Low roof design featured (High roof available – See other listings)
  • Glazed Rear Door
  • Painted white exterior finish
  • LED Battery operated interior light
  • Painted high luminosity white interior for great internal visibility of cargo
  • Unique Pro//Top Built in roof carrying system, with stainless steel lashing points and eyelets
  • Roof system with 100kgs carry capacity Stainless Steel Hardware throughout Class leading capacity and rear opening aperture on
  • Low Roof design Pro//Top is TUV / ABE certified
  • Easy Installation
  • 3-Year warranty
  • TUV Certified


The all new Pro//Top® Tradesman canopy - Specific for the Ford Ranger T6 2012 on For the Ranger pick-up we bring to you the latest in work type truck tops New from Pro//Top® the Ranger Tradesman canopy features:

  • Glazed rear door – Fitted with stainless steel locks, hinges and strikers to ensure corrosion free durability.
  • A paint matched white exterior finish (Colour coding option available)
  • Painted white interior – Wipe clean and Jet washable.
  • Offers a bright luminous finish and excellent light reflectivity.
  • Built in roof carrying system – Twin horizontal supports carry up to 100kgs of pay load with 4 no. roof lashing points as standard
  • Stainless Steel tie-hooks – Lash down loads with our stainless steel fitting points.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware used throughout – Eliminate downtime with the best in quality, fit and durability.

Don’t suffer downtime and leaks - fit PRO//TOP® - GUARANTEED BEST FOR QUALITY AND DURABILITY Pro//Top is certified with TUV /ABE Want to know more ?