New Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 On Sliding Pickup Bedtray

Sliding bed tray for Ford Ranger Raptor
Sliding bed tray Ford Ranger Raptor Ford Ranger Raptor sliding bed tray Sliding bed tray for Ford Ranger Raptor

RRP: £461.35

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Product Description

Ford Ranger Raptor Sliding Bed Tray

The extendable sliding load bed tray is a suitable for most European Double Cab 4dr pick-up trucks including the latest Ford Ranger Raptor.
The sliding bed tray can also be easily changed to a new truck if and when required.

Fitted using 4 nuts and bolts the tray is capable of holding 200kgs evenly spread and features a lipped edge along with 6 tie down lashing points.
Installation is a simple process but drilling is required to fit the sliding bed tray.

Unique to us these sliding bed trays offer the best value and are best priced on the European market GUARANTEED!