Ford Ranger 2019 onwards 4mm Alloy Under Body Protection Kit

Ford Ranger Under Body Protection kit
Ford Ranger Under Body Protection kit Under body protection kit

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Code: FD490#

Product Description

Under Body Protection Kit - 4mm Alloy

  • Uses a 4mm alloy plate that is also corrosion resistant
  • Protects vital engine components from damage
  • Suitable for both on & off road use
  • Provides protection to electrical components such as the alternator from road spray & road salt.
  • Simple non-drill installation to the vehicle.
  • All bolts and fixings require are supplied with the kit.
  • Great for commercial & leisure use.

This under body alloy plating kit allows you to protect vital engine and gearbox components from damage on road and off road.

Made from a thick 4mm alloy this kit is designed to prevent rocks, tree stumps, road debris and any other nasty large objects from potentially immobilising your vehicle.
The under body protection kit is suitable for use in a wide range of industries such as agricultural, forestry & construction.
These kits are also good for leisure use such as off-roading, green laning and for the outdoor/country event enthusiasts such as shooters who often need to drive off road.

A rather unusual but sensible use for these plates is for vehicle security.
Thieves can easily disable an alarm system by cutting wires from the under side of the vehicle and especially on larger vehicles like 4x4's getting under the vehicle is simple.
The plate kit would prevent access to the engine bay from the under side helping prolong time taken to disable the alarm system.

Installation to the vehicle is simple and does not require any drilling.
Using existing mounting points the kit simply bolts into place and over laps in places to provide seamless protection.
All components required to mount the kit to the vehicle are supplied such as longer bolts & washers.